We understand your commitment to wellness and lifestyle changes. We’re busy, overwhelmed- life is crazy. We all want to find simple ways to feel good, reduce stress, and pamper ourselves.A need to reinvent our careers coupled with the idea that natural hot cold therapy products could be luxurious and pampering, led us on the path to launch Luxury Therapeutics. Often, the greatest setbacks end up being the best things that ever happened to you.

In 2011 the recession hit our charming mountain resort town.

After 15 years of building an interior design business I adored, I was forced to close the doors. I wasn’t the only one in my family to feel the loss. My Mother sewed for my interior design clients, so the closure hit doubly hard. Talk about stress!

Mom had battled Fibromyalgia for decades, finding comfort and relief from pain in all natural hot cold therapy products she sewed from left over designer fabrics. Her toile and chevron heat packs were the envy of all who saw them! But now? Calamity had struck.

We needed income.

I had yards of beautiful fabric.

Every time someone saw my Mom’s heated neck wrap, they wanted one.

An idea was born.

We formed a plan: Creating swoon-worthy hot/ cold therapy products in chic, designer fabrics that feel as good as they look.  The kind of plush comfort you want to cuddle up with. Boutique spa wraps, relaxing neck cozies and soothing eye pillows that pamper the body and soothe the soul.

Though Mom originally thought I was crazy, she turned the sewing machine back on. Our dream was born.

Now, we spend  our days are surrounded by the most luxurious textiles, all natural grains and lavender. We delight in finding the perfect ribbons. Each order is stitched up, wrapped and packaged by hand with care and attention. We go home at night, knowing we are helping people feel pampered.

Whether you treat yourself, select a gift for a dear friend, pamper guests at a spa with our neck cozies or sell eye pillows in your chic boutique, we seek to provide you with comfort, warmth and simple relief from life’s stress.

Life is full of unexpected paths and big dreams. We thank you for being a part of ours!

Debra and Karen


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